You may select which booths (if any) at a given event have access to the “Registrations” page. The default value is “No.” In other words, by default, your customers will not be able to see all registrations. Rather, they’ll only have access to those attendees who chat in their respective booths.
To avail access to registrations, open a specific event page for editing, and then toggle the “Can access registration data” switch at the bottom of the desired booth. In the example below, I’ve turned registration page access on for Greens, but it’s off (by default) for James and Sons.
[screen grab of booth’s toggled both ways]
For a recruiter at James and Sons, their navigation menu would look like this (note that it’s missing the Registrations page option).
[screen grab of recruiter navigation sans Registration item]
For a recruiter at Greens, their navigation menu would look like this (because they have access to view, search and download all registered job seekers).
[screen grab of recruiter navigation with Registration item]