The team here at RecruitVirtual values amazing technology and consumer privacy. We endeavor to do right for our users and clients by maintaining transparency in our policies and strong application security. If you wish to learn more about how we do this, please check out our Privacy Policy at

Based on the terminology defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act, we do not sell any of our users’ personal information. Specifically:

  • We do not use network display advertising
  • We do not resell your information to other employers or industry affiliates; your information is only shared with those event organizers and employers with which you specifically register or apply for work
  • We may contact you via email or text messaging if we believe we have opportunities that match your career interests, but you may opt out of our marketing communications at any time
  • We respect your right to privacy and to control your personal information, so please do reach out to us if you feel that we’re not living up to this commitment –