Your Virtual Event Checklist

“Bang, Bang, Bang… on the door baby!” – The B-52’s

A day (or more) prior to your event, you should confirm that everything is configured properly and looks presentable. Begin by opening a window to preview your virtual lobby and exhibitor booths and then proceed through this checklist.

  • Ensure that each booth has an associated logo
  • Verify that your recruiters are able to log in
    • To avoid surprises, verify that each recruiter will use the same machine and browser that they used for account setup, qualifying questions and booth setup.  Switching to an untested computer or browser at the last minute should be discouraged.
  • Confirm that recruiters have read the Recruiter’s User Guide
    • Verify that each recruiter is familiar with how to utilize their booth’s virtual tools (chat, live stream, etc.).
    • Ensure that each recruiter has completed their profile, sans typos
    • Ensure that each recruiter has added their preferred canned responses for chat
    • Ensure that each recruiter/booth has written their qualifying questions (that job seekers must answer prior to entering chat), if desired
  • Make sure that all booths have at least one content page so as to tell job seeker’s about the organization
    • Check links on all booth content pages to ensure they work properly
  • Ensure that each booth has posted available jobs
  • Ensure that each booth’s static (images/copy) and video assets look good, play correctly and are free of typos.