Create a New Exhibitor Booth

Each event that you manage may have any number of exhibitor booths, each of which may be manned by one or more recruiters and will have their own content pages, jobs and chat sessions.

At a multi-employer hiring event, exhibitor booths will most likely represent individual companies. However, multiple booths could just as easily be created for a single company and segmented by departments, locations or job types. That way that you utilize booths is entirely up to you!

Follow these steps to create a new exhibitor booth:

  1. Navigate to your events page
  2. Choose the event you wish to add an exhibitor to
  3. Click the ADD BOOTH button shown at the bottom of this page:

Clicking this button will open a form that will request the booth (company) name and logo. NOTE: Adding a logo at this point is optional, but a recruiter will need to add their preferred logo or graphic prior to the event, because this is the visual representation of their booth to attendees. Be sure to save your work by clicking the SAVE button when done.

Once your booth is saved, you should: