Invite a Recruiter to a Booth

Recruiters can add content and jobs to their company’s virtual booth. Recruiters can also live stream with booth visitors and engage in real-time chat during your hiring event. It is assumed that recruiters are associated with one of more booths, so we should add at least one recruiter to each booth. To add a recruiter:

  1. Navigate to your Events page
  2. Choose the event in question
  3. Scroll down the event detail page to see the booths you have added to this event (see Create a New Exhibitor Booth)
  4. Click the “ADD RECRUITER” button beneath the desired booth:

The INVITE RECRUITER TO A BOOTH form will now appear:

Add the recruiter’s first name, last name and email address, and then click the INVITE button.

The invited recruiter will then receive an invitation email to participate in the event and instructions on how to access their booth.