Manage Booth as a Recruiter & Event Preview

Event organizers (you!) are typically only responsible for adding exhibitor booths and recruiters. Recruiters then go on to manage their booth by fleshing it out with content pages and jobs so that the booth is ready and presentable for the big hiring event.

There will be times when you, as an organizer, may want to perform typical booth management responsibilities for one of your recruiters. You may want to even jump into their booth during the hiring event to lend a hand.

Follow these steps to access your hiring event as a recruiter and/or manage booths as they would:

  1. Login to your organizer’s dashboard
  2. Choose the RECRUITER option in your main navigation, as shown below.
  3. You will now be shown all of your exhibitor booths. Choose the one that you wish to manage.
  4. You will now be placed into that booth’s chat queue, just as a recruiter is when they first login. Refer to the Recruiter’s User Guide for instructions on how to further manage this booth.

Preview Your Lobby & Exhibitor Booths

To preview your virtual lobby and exhibitor booths (to see them as a job seeker would) use the PREVIEW option within the Recruiter’s main navigation menu:

This is an excellent way to make sure that all of the booths are presentable and have at least one content page and one or more jobs associated with them. (Refer to the Recruiter’s User Guide for instructions on how to fully manage booths.)

Return to Your Organizer’s Dashboard

When you are done managing booths as a recruiter, you can return to your organizer’s dashboard by selecting ORGANIZER within the recruiter’s main navigation, as shown below:


Edit a Booth