Add an Event

To add your first event, navigate to your EVENTS page and click the ADD icon shown at the top-right of this screen.

This will show you the CREATE EVENT screen:

Now flesh out your event by completing the following fields on the CREATE EVENT page:

  • TITLE – The name for this particular hiring event
  • SUBTITLE – A sub-title that will appear on your landing page
  • ORGANIZER – Your organization’s name
  • ORGANIZER WEBSITE URL – Provide your organization’s URL as shown:
    • NOTE: This is the URL to your company’s website, not the URL to this hiring event. RV will provide that for you automatically after you create this event.
    • If OFF (default), job seekers will be allowed to pre-register for your event, but will not be able to enter your virtual hall until the start date/time.
    • If ON, job seekers can pre-register for your event, enter your virtual hall, explore the recruiter booths and apply for jobs in advance of your event. Carefully consider the state (“completeness”) of your recruiting company booths before allowing jobseekers in the door early. This setting is generally reserved for testing.
  • EVENT DATE – The date your event is occurring
    • These times will be shown on your event landing page (see below)
    • If your event PREVIEW setting (above) is OFF, job seekers will not be allowed to enter your hiring event until the elected event date and start time.
  • TIME ZONE – The applicable time zone for your event
  • ORGANIZER’S LOGO – Upload your company logo here. A transparent GIF or PNG, at 250 x 175 pixels, is the recommended format.
  • LANDING PAGE BACKGROUND – Upload a background image here for your event landing page.  A PNG or JPG is recommended, ideally 2000 x 1000 pixels in size. If you don’t have your own preferred background image, feel free to use one of these.