Manage Registration Questions

Registration questions are optional questions that you can ask attendees when they register for your event. Attendee responses to these questions are then available to you and, if you so choose to share them (see Allow Recruiters to Access Attendee Registrations), your recruiters.

NOTE: Registration questions should not be confused with qualifying questions, which recruiters can ask of attendees when they request to chat.

To manage registration questions for your event, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your events page
  2. Choose the event you wish to manage
  3. Click the REGISTRATION FORM QUESTIONS link, as shown here:

The Registration Form Questions screen will now appear. Use the controls shown to add, edit and delete registration questions.

Add a New Registration Question

When adding a new question, you will see that you have a few options:

  • Question text – This is the copy for your question. (e.g. “Do you have a driver’s license?”)
  • Question type – You have a few options available:
    • Yes/No – Attendees will be shown YES and NO options to respond to your question (above).
    • Select one – Allows you to enter a number of potential answers to this question and attendees can select one from this list.
    • Text input – This option will show a free-form text input box and attendees can type their response here.
  • Required – Yes/No – This determines if this question is optional. When this is set to YES, attendees must provide a response to this question.
  • Hard question – Yes/No – NOTE: This feature applies only to YES/NO question types and allows you to tactfully decline attendees that answer your Yes/No question incorrectly. When HARD QUESTION=YES, the form will then ask you for your “Expected answer”, and you then have to choose either YES or NO (what answer do YOU want to see?). Attendees who answer incorrectly will be declined from attending your event.
    • Be Careful! – Hard questions could greatly limit your attendance on the day of your event. Be sure to use them judiciously, if at all.

When finished, be sure to save your work by selecting the ADD QUESTION button: