First things first…

You will want to gather the following assets in preparation for decking out your virtual event space:

  • Your Company Logo – A transparent PNG or GIF and 250×250 pixels max is recommended.  (A shorter logo is fine.)
  • Details of your hiring event:
    • Your event’s name/title
    • A large background image to use on your hiring event landing page. A PNG or JPG is ideal, We prefer approximately 2000px x 1000px or larger in size. 
    • A short description, which can include details of exhibitors, jobs titles, and other pertinent details for prospective attendees
    • The date, start time and end time and time zone for your event
  • Details for your exhibitors:
    • A descriptive name for each (company, division, facility, etc.)
    • Optionally, a URL for each of them
    • Optionally, a logo for each  of them. A transparent PNG or GIF is ideal but a JPG will also work. The recommended dimensions are 500×500 pixels. Note: This graphic is to assist the organizer as a visual reference; it is not displayed in the exhibitors booth.
    • A list of the recruiter email addresses for each booth. Adding these addresses will trigger an email invitation to each recruiter.