Chats (chat queue) and 1on1 Video

The Chats screen is the default landing page that you see after logging in as a recruiter.  This is also the screen that you will use to interact with attendees who have requested to chat.  To navigate to this screen within your dashboard, select Chats from your main navigation.

In this example there are currently no attendees waiting to chat, as seen below:

As attendees enter your booth, and subsequently request to chat with a recruiter, the screen will change, as seen here:

Click a name shown on the left to see more information on this attendee. A screen similar to the following will then appear:

You can now see the answers to any registration questions that this attendee has answered, including their resume, if provided. (Be aware that if you click the attendees resume, it will open in a new browser window. You will need to come back to this window to continue.) You will also see their answers to any previously configured qualifying questions as well. Based on what you see here, you can either cancel and return to the prior screen, where you can review other attendees who wish to chat, or continue on to chat with this specific attendee. 

NOTE: The attendee, while waiting to speak to a recruiter, is shown the following:

Let’s chat with this attendee by clicking the CHAT NOW button. A new browser window will open, titled “Chat with (job_seeker_name)”, and with the following chat interface:

PRO TIP: If you’re capable of quick typing and multi-tasking, you can answer multiple chat requests from different job seekers. Just click another name on the left to start an additional chat session. The system will always show a count of unseen chat messages next to each job seeker’s name, making it intuitive to switch between your multiple chat sessions.

While chatting, note that you can see this attendee’s profile details, resume and any qualifying questions that were requested of them prior to entering the chat queue.  You can type a message to this attendee and use the SEND MESSAGE icon, or just hit ENTER in order to send your message to them.  

PRO TIP: If you have previously configured canned responses  (preconfigured responses that you can use during a chat) you can click the icon here to reveal them.  Then click one of the canned messages in order to send it to the attendee. If the canned responses menu is ever in your way, simply click the icon again to close it.

When you are done chatting with this candidate, use the cancel chat icon X shown at the top right of your screen to end the session. You will then be asked to review this candidate, as shown below:

The fields requested here include the following:

  • Applicant status – Select the most appropriate status for this person from the drop-down list shown.  E.g. Advance to interview, not a fit, etc.
  • Block from chat access – Yes/No – Use this toggle if you wish to block this candidate from requesting another chat during your event.  
  • Rate this applicant – You can rate this candidate between 1 and 5 stars
  • Add a note – Use this field to provide any free form notes you’d like to capture

If you’ve just chatted with an outstanding candidate and would like to share them immediately with a coworker, you can click the SHARE button shown at the bottom of this form.  

The system will then ask you for an email address and will send your feedback and the candidate’s profile to this recipient. After sharing a candidate, the system will automatically save your notes and return you to the Chats page.

If you don’t wish to share this attendee with another coworker at this time, click the save button to preserve your feedback and a record of your chat log.  (You will be able to review your applicants and chat logs at a later time.)

NEW: 1-on-1 Video Interviews

1-on-1 video between recruiters and job seekers is now in beta and enabled in all events! (Not to be confused with the Live Broadcast feature, which allows for a 1-to-many video broadcast.)

Recruiters can switch between multiple, active chat (text) sessions with job seekers, as described above. This is not the case with video interviews and you would not want to leave a job seeker hanging in a chat session. For this reason, you should close any other active chat sessions before you begin a video call with a job seeker.

PRO TIP: If you (the recruiter) wish to record your video interview, you must use the Chrome browser. Audio and video is allowed in all modern browsers, but only Chrome will allow you to make recordings.

Only recruiters can initiate a video call with a job seeker, and only from within an existing chat session. If you’d like to start a video call with a job seeker you are chatting with, click the camera icon shown at the top of your chat session:

You and the job seeker will now be shown a popup explaining how to enable camera and microphone controls from within your browser:

Click Request Permissions to continue. The following shows how Safari requests these permissions, but each browser is a bit different:

Click ALLOW to continue

If everyone’s camera is working correctly, the recruiter and the job seeker will now be shown in a side-by-side presentation. In this example, I’m playing both the recruiter and the job seeker, so both windows show me:

Note the controls shown at the bottom of the video chat:

  • Cam – This allows you and the job seeker to toggle your camera ON or OFF during a video chat.
  • Mic – This allows you and the job seeker to toggle your microphone ON or OFF during a video chat.
  • Record – Only available to recruiters and only when using the Chrome browser. The first time you use this feature, you will be asked to install the Chrome “Whereby” extension. Recordings will be stored locally on your computer.

When done with your video call, click the “X” shown at the top-right to end the session. You will then be asked to review the candidate, as normal.

We hope you enjoy! Please feel free to provide feedback below.