The Jobs screen is where you will add, edit and remove available positions for attendees.  To navigate to this screen within your dashboard, select Jobs from your main navigation.

To get started, select the Post a Job button.

The Post a Job form will now appear and you can provide the details for this position:

A brief description of the fields used here:

  • Visibility – When in DRAFT mode, attendees will not see this position in your booth.  When toggled to PUBLISHED, this position will be shown to attendees. Note that all published jobs are shown with a checkmark on the left-hand side of the Jobs screen.
  • Job title – Provide a title for your available position 
  • Location & Zip code – Provide the location for your position here
  • Job status – Use the drop-down to select one or more position types, e.g. Full Time, Part Time, etc.
  • Benefits – Use the drop-down to select any and all benefits offered, e.g. Health Insurance, 401K, Childcare, etc.
  • Min salary & Max salary – Optionally provide an hourly or salary range for this position.  You will use the Salary Units field, next, to indicate whether this range is hourly or a yearly salary.
  • Salary units – Use the drop-down to select Hourly or Yearly for your salary range
  • Description – Provide a description of this position and any other requirements you may want to communicate to attendees.
  • ATS URL (optional) – If you wish to take attendee applications through an existing applicant tracking system (ATS), you would provide the URL to that exact job page here. If you do not provide a URL, the system will provide a “Quick Apply” form for attendees, which includes the following fields:  First name, last name, email address, phone number and an optional resume upload.

After adding your first job, the system will automatically take you back to the main Jobs screen, which now shows your available position(s) and allows you to make edits.  

Note the checkbox shown on the left-hand side of the screen, indicating that this particular job is “published”, and thus visible to attendees:

The presentation of your public booth also changes when one or more jobs have been published; attendees will now see a “Jobs” tab at the top of your booth.  When the Jobs tab is selected, attendees will see all of your published jobs:

When an attendee selects an available position, they are presented with the full job details.  Note that in this example, an ATS link was not provided, so the Quick Apply form is shown to attendees:

To edit previously added jobs, navigate back to the Jobs page, select the job you wish to edit on the left-hand side of the screen, and then select the EDIT ICON shown in the job details view on the right-hand side of your screen: