Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast is an optional, real-time, one-to-many audio and video broadcast that you as a recruiter can initiate at any time during your hiring event. (Not to be confused with 1-on-1 Video Interviews, which is accessed from within Chat.)

To use this feature, you will need a camera and a microphone on your computer.  To navigate to this screen within your dashboard, select Live broadcast from your main navigation.

Prior to starting your broadcast, your Recruiter’s screen will look like this:

  • Note that the number of current attendees viewing your Live Broadcast page is always shown in the top left corner of your broadcast window.
  • Broadcast enabled – If this is turned ON, regardless of whether or not you’re broadcasting, your visitors will see the Live Broadcast screen when first entering your booth. PRO TIP: You may wish to change your Broadcast Enabled setting to OFF when not broadcasting so that attendees do not see the blank broadcast screen in your booth.
  • Start Broadcast – Clicking this will begin your live stream. NOTE: You may get a browser popup asking if it’s okay for the system to use your camera and microphone and it could appear at the top of your browser window, so this could be easily missed. You will need to allow this in order to broadcast.  
  • Stop Broadcast – This ends your broadcast.  

Prior to starting your broadcast, and assuming that Broadcast enabled is ON, the default page that attendees will see when they first enter your virtual booth will appear as so:

Once you begin broadcasting, the attendee’s view changes as follows.  Note the chat interface that has now appeared at the bottom of their broadcast window. attendee’s can use this to submit questions to recruiters that only the recruiter can see:

If an attendee types a question, it will appear on a heads-up display on the recruiter’s broadcast screen, but will not appear to other attendees.  In this way, you as the recruiter can choose whether or not to address the question for the benefit of all attendees currently watching… or ignore it:

When you’re done with your live broadcast, simply click STOP BROADCAST. We’d recommend that you then turn BROADCAST ENABLED to OFF, so that attendees will not see the blank broadcast screen when they first enter your booth. 

PRO TIP: You may want to schedule your broadcasts and a great way to promote this would be to create Content Pages that shows the start time, presenter and topic of upcoming broadcasts.

Suggestion: If your booth is staffed with at least two recruiters during the entirety of your event, we would suggest that one of the recruiters man the “live broadcast” full-time…. even if they don’t have a presentation to make. The broadcast recruiter could simply go about their normal work (but not phone calls, or while eating lunch, obviously). By doing so, job seekers entering your booth will always see a recruiter and it will make your event feel more “real” (and similar to a live event) than just seeing the recruiter’s name listed on the left-hand side of the booth.