Qualifying Questions

If you would like to glean additional information from attendees before they enter the chat queue with your recruiting team, you can ask them “qualifying questions”. To navigate to this screen within your dashboard, select Qualifying Questions from your main navigation.

You will see a screen that looks much like the following:

Use the ADD QUESTION button at the bottom-left to create new qualifying questions. Note the form that now appears on the right-hand side of the screen (above).

  • Question – Add the question you would like to ask here
  • Expected Answer – The system allows YES and NO responses.  Select the answer you would like to see from applicants using the drop-down control here. This will be relevant if this is a “Hard Question” (next)
  • Hard Question – A hard question will allow you to automatically prevent unqualified attendees from requesting a chat session with your recruiters. Let’s look at the example above–we have configured two questions here, one is a “hard question” and the other is not:
    • “Are you 18 years of age or older”
      • Expected Answer = YES
      • Hard Question = YES
    • “Do you currently have a CDL class B?”
      • Expected Answer = YES
      • Hard Question = NO

In this case, we’ve made the age question “Hard”, because we’re simply not able to hire a driver under 18 years of age. Because it’s a “hard” question, any attendee who answers NO to our “age” query will be told that no chat representatives are currently available. We’ve set the license question “Not Hard”, because we may be willing to help a good candidate get licensed.  

PRO TIP: Be judicious with the use of hard questions or you might accidentally filter out attendees who would be good for one job but not another.

In this example, when the attendee requests to chat with a representative in your booth, they will be shown these questions, as seen here:

If they answer NO to the age question (because it is set to Hard Question=YES, and our expected answer is YES), their request to chat is politely rejected.

To delete any questions you have previously configured, navigate to the Qualifying questions screen and select the question you would like to remove on the left-hand side of your screen.  The question and a delete (trash can) icon will appear on the right-hand side of this page.  Click the delete icon to remove this question: